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abstract class Receiver

Queue to read stuff from.

acknowledge(self, message: platonic.queue.message.Message[~ValueType]) -> platonic.queue.message.Message[~ValueType]

Indicate that the given message is correctly processed.

Remove it from the queue.

acknowledge_many(self, messages: Iterable[platonic.queue.message.Message[~ValueType]]) -> None

Multiple messages are correctly processed.

Remove them from the queue.

acknowledgement(self, message: platonic.queue.message.Message[~ValueType])

Acknowledgement context manager.

Into this context manager, you can wrap any operation with a given Message. The context manager will automatically acknowledge the message when and if the code in its context completes successfully.

receive(self) -> platonic.queue.message.Message[~ValueType]

For the given timeout, wait for a new message from the queue.

Return the message if received or raise a ReceiveTimeout error otherwise.

The message is not deleted from the queue.